We are licenced to install all gas appliances through the LPGSASA. Gas appliances, according to manufactures, and within the SANS 10087-1 regulations, must be installed by a registered practitioner. Failing to do so, the appliance will not be warranted, and you could face problems from your insurance company should you have a claim related to fire caused from the gas installation, if no certificate of compliance is in place. 
Gas appliances must be SABS approved and have to be registered through the LPGSASA. 
We only use SABS approved fittings ensuring that the installation is safe. We take pride in our work!!

Maintenance to gas hobs,gas stoves,gas ovens,gas water heaters(geysers),gas generators and fireplaces
Due to constant use of gas appliances parts may get blocked or worn and it's best to maintain most of your appliances at least once a year.
Badly maintained appliances could cause that they do not burn correctly

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