We are licenced to install all gas appliances through the LPGSASA. Gas appliances, according to manufactures, and within the SANS 10087-1 regulations, must be installed by a registered practitioner. Failing to do so, the appliance will not be warrant

Repair to; gas hobs,gas stoves,gas ovens,gas water heaters(geysers),gas generators and fireplaces Gas appliances normally last a very long time and rarely need to be repaired, however like any other appliance usage can result in repairs Repair

 C.O.C's We make sure that the materials used on an existing installation are within regulation, and a gas bottle station is positioned at minimum distances of windows,doors and drains, etc,. Pressure checks are done and the appliances ar

These are also relatively easy to install. Gas fireplaces are environmentally clean and easy to use, with many makes and models in the market. There are strict rules in placing a gas fireplace in a bedroom. The position of a gas fireplace must be in

To install a gas stove or hob is relatively easy. One can opt to have the gas bottle installed internally(in a kitchen cupboard-maximum 9Kg bottle), or outside. A 9kg bottle will last an average of 4 to 6 months depending on the usage of the applianc

Most geysers in the market are units that need to be placed outside. There are those that can be placed indoors but certain regulations must be adhered too. Personally I prefer to place geysers outside, being the safest option. It is recommended that

No need to start fires and worst of all, the cleaning of ashes. With a gas braai all that is needed is to switch on the flame and braai. Its as easy as it sounds. No fuss no mess!!!! There are many models and makes available on the market, from 5
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